About Us

Ringmaster Images’ founder had been racing motocross in Victoria, Australia, from the age of 8 starting on a PeeWee 50, progressing through the age groups to eventually reach A Grade level, and winning/placing in a few State titles along the way. In his early teen years while on an 80cc machine his bikes really started to turn heads, covered in hand cut vinyl graphics (destroying his mother’s coffee table!) and rivaling anything even seen on overseas pro team bikes.

Around that time, Australia had just started seeing the importation of some really thick decal and seat cover graphic kits from the likes of One Industries, Tecnosel and Factory Effex (to name a few). These were a great new invention that allowed anyone to deck their bike out like the factory teams, but they had a down fall, they were mass produced and only available in a select range of designs per bike. Eventually everyone’s bikes started looking the same again!

So he had a thought, ‘what if I can produce the exact same quality products, and offer people ONE OFF custom designed graphics kits’? So in 1997, at the age of 19, spending quite some time in research and development contacting large firms such as 3M (and even dealing with the U.S. Consulate gaining access to their database on international materials suppliers- remember this was in the days before the internet was part of everyday life!), Ringmaster Images was established as the first ever Australian Made, custom designed and manufactured sticker kit business for the motocross industry- producing the same thick, strong, durable, full bike coverage graphics that were only ever massed produced and imported from the USA and Europe.

Since those early days we have pretty much catered for all the major Australian National MX & SX factory race teams at some point over the years, as well as enduro riders, freestylers, mini thumpers, dealerships, go karts, road bikes, etc. and also ship worldwide. Our constant research and development in material technologies means we have been the leader in product quality with durability, fit, adhesion and longevity, and are still unrivaled by our Australian counterparts (and even the majority of what is made overseas).

Fast forward to present day and we are excited to now bring what we know to a whole range of Action Sports industries. From BMX, Karting, MTB and more, we noticed that these industries were being dominated by a select, limited amount of suppliers for any stickers/graphic products available (with not many points of difference). We now provide a LARGE range of products to allow competitors, athletes, teams (AND average Joe’s like us!) the flexibility and chance to completely customize their set ups and appearance, and stand out from the pack.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our history and the passion we have for what we do, and hope to hear from you soon!

The team at Ringmaster Images – ACTION SPORTS DECALS.